Dec 18, 2012

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5 Backcountry Cocktails

5 Backcountry Cocktails

Packing for a trip into the backcountry is all about being efficient, saving space, and making things lighter. Therefore, these principles must also be applied to your backcountry libations. The problem is, beer and pre-made mixers are full of water, and water is heavy.This often leads to drinking straight whiskey. While this approach is efficient, it is uncreative and often ends badly. Going lightweight is no excuse for lackluster cocktails! Here are some drinks that will help you stay classy and stretch the contents of your flask without having to pack in the full bar:

Whiskey Sour
2oz whiskey
1/2 oz lemon juice
½ tsp powdered sugar

For this one, don’t pack in lemons. Lemons are heavy, mostly inedible, and create too much waste. Buy one of those plastic lemon-shaped squeeze bottles of juice. Your Nalgene is the perfect backcountry cocktail shaker- why else would it have graduated ounce markings? You can measure, mix, and serve all in the same container. Powdered sugar is a great option for sweetening things in the backcountry, especially in cold weather, because it dissolves quickly. To chill your drink, close the bottle and stick it in the creek or in a snow bank.

Spicy Cocoa
1 cup hot cocoa
1 tsp powdered milk
1 shot Cinnamon flavored whiskey

This is a variation on the classic hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps combo. First off- buy a little bit of the fancy hot cocoa. Of course you can bring the quart Ziploc of the cheap stuff for everyday use but, it is great to have a secret fancy chocolate reserve. After a week in the backcountry, it will be THE BEST chocolate you have EVER had. Cinnamon whiskey tastes like burning in a really good way. It makes the cocoa feel like its warming you from the inside. Adding powdered milk to the mix will make the cocoa a little more creamy, but don’t over-do it because powdered milk can taste like licking a chain-link fence.

Kool Aid Shakers
Kool Aid powder
1.Pour cool aid powder into mouth.
2 Pour vodka into mouth.
3. Close mouth, shake head to blend.
4 Swallow.
Virgin Kool Aid shakers are nearly as bad.

Deserted Island Jello Shots
1 package pineapple jello mix
1 cup hot water
1 cup rum
1 silicone ice cube tray.

A great way to impress your friends on a camping trip is to pack in Jello mix and a silicone ice cube tray. Silicone is flexible and regains its original shape after being stuffed into a backpack. You can also get them in fun shapes like hearts, stars or The Titanic. If you are using water from a natural source, make sure it comes to a rolling boil. This will kill any nasty pathogens or viruses. You don’t want to have to tell your doctor you got giardia from Jello shots. Dissolve the Jello in the hot water, then add the rum. In order to chill the jello you can set it in a snow bank or a SPARKLING CLEAN glacial creek. Again, giardia.

4 oz red box wine
1 tbsp Hawaiian Punch drink mix
Inside every box of wine is basically a hydration bladder- but full of wine! Packing these in is a great way to enjoy your Merlot without the hazard or extra weight of a glass bottle. The point of this recipe is that most boxed wine is awful and might actually be improved by Hawaiian punch. You can pack in your favorite non-awful bottled wine if you’re okay with your CamelBak tasting like Pino Grigio for eternity.