Nov 26, 2012

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5 Best Lawn Games to Play Outside

5 Best Lawn Games to Play Outside

Let’s face it, not everyone was meant for mainstream sports. But just because you don’t like participating in soccer or football doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some good outdoor competition! Here’s a list of awesomely entertaining lawn games that make for a great time hanging outside with a group of friends.

One of the most popular lawn games out there, cornhole is a great game to play outside. This game and alcohol go hand in hand so make sure you have a cooler full of your favor libations before you begin a game. The game involves 4 players split up between two teams of two. Each team has a slanted and propped up board with a hole in the center on each side. The name of the game is to throw bags of corn at the hole and the team that makes the most wins. In some circles this game also goes by the name of ‘bags.’

This game is an absolute classic and has been played over 2,000 years. The idea is extremely simple, take horseshoes and throw them at a metal rod sticking out of the ground. If a horseshoe wraps around the pole you receive a point and the player with the most points wins the game. It is typically played with 4 horseshoes and 2 players who stand by the opposing poles. This game also goes well with a good drink, but be careful no one wants to take a horseshoe to the face!

Ladder Toss
A relatively new lawn game that is very popular among University students, ladder toss has a number of hilarious nicknames. While I won’t go into too much detail it’s what you throw that denotes this nickname as it is a pair of balls strung together with a short rope. Each team has a small three-step ladder on each side and they try to throw and wrap each set of balls around a ladder rung.

Bocce Ball
This game was first played during the Roman Empire and is a very popular lawn game in a number of different countries across Europe. While some cultures have organized Bocce courts, the game can actually be played anywhere and the more challenging the terrain the harder the game. The idea is to throw a small ball an arbitrary distance away from you and each team has larger balls they try to get as close to the original marker as possible.

Another classic lawn game dating back to the 1860s in Europe, no list of lawn games would be complete with croquet. This simple sport involves using a large mallet to knock balls through hoops or wickets as they call them in the USA. It requires a very flat ground and golf-like patience as it generally takes quite a long time to finish a game. The classy, European-esque vibe that comes with playing croquet almost makes it a requirement to dress up and drink cocktails with fancy names while playing.