Dec 20, 2012

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5 Iconic Wintertime Movie Scenes



Most of us remember Bambi as the first movie to make us bawl our heads off, but the 1941 animated classic also contains plenty of light-hearted moments. In this scene, Bambi learns how to walk (crawl?) on the ice with a little help from his friend Thumper, who doesn’t seem to understand why ungulates have a harder time on slippery surfaces than rabbits.


A Christmas Story

Everyone has their favorite moment(s) from this 1983 yuletide gem, but arguably the most memorable of them all is the infamous ‘flagpole scene’. If anything, this clip demonstrates the unbending authority of double-dog dares. Admit it – how many of you tried this after watching A Christmas Story for the first time?


Dumb and Dumber

No matter how highbrow you claim to be, chances are you can quote at least a dozen lines from this comedy neo-classic. In one of the funniest scenes, Harry (arguably the ‘dumber’ one) takes the beautiful Mary Swanson out for a day of fun in the snow. Let this clip (slightly NSFW) be a lesson to us all: snowballs to the face are not a good ‘first date’ move.


Groundhog Day

Ned Ryerson isn’t the world’s worst person. But if you had to run into him day after day (after day…), then he might start to wear on you. And after a few dozen encounters, Phil Connors has had just about enough.


Grumpy Old Men

Man, you do not want to piss off Walter Matthau. Jack Lemmon’s character learns his lesson the cold, hard way in this clip from one of the funniest comedies of the 90’s. This pair of scenes (warning: some mild language) marks the first time in either actor’s career that a frozen fish was used as a weapon.