Dec 31, 2012

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Backpacking v. Playing Video Games: Pros and Cons

Backpacking v. Playing Video Games: Pros and Cons

I don’t know what to do this weekend. Some of my friends want me to go backpacking with them, but I’m kind of tired. Maybe I should just stay home, where it’s safe and dry and warm. I could sleep in and play video games and order pizza. But backpacking is also fun. What to do?

I know – I’ll make a list of pros and cons to organize my thoughts!

Backpacking Cons

  • Blisters. While backpacking, they sprout on your feet like pimples on the faces of teenagers.
  • Rain.
  • Sleeping on ground. It makes you realize how much it would suck to be homeless.
  • Cold.
  • Heavy Packs.
  • Lots of work. Everything becomes more laborious while you’re on the trail: going to sleep, making food, getting water. This is how people lived 100 years ago, and it sucked.
  • Blisters (on top of blisters.)
  • Bad food. 
  • Pooping in a hole.

Staying In Pros

  • Warm.
  • Won’t Get Eaten By Bears.
  • Can order pizza, Thai food etc. without leaving home.
  • Don’t have to wear clothes.
  • Video games/internet/movies etc.
  • Don’t have to move from couch.
  • Internet pornography.

Staying In Cons

  • Makes you fat.
  • Lassitude of your soul.
  • Costs a lot of money – video games, ordering pizza etc.
  • Enervation of your will to live.
  • Ennui.

Backpacking Pros

  • Good exercise.
  • Doesn’t cost too much (once you have the gear.)
  • Gives you good stories to tell at parties. (The I Almost Got Eaten by a Bear story kills every time.)
  • Lets you feel like you’re not squandering the preciously limited amount of life the universe gives you.
  • Spiritual salvation.

In the final tally, staying home has the edge on material comforts. Backpacking is like using a time machine to go back to a time before microwaves and flush toilets were invented. You enter a colder, less comfortable and frequently more wet world.

As for immaterial pleasures, backpacking wins in a rout. No one has ever had a spiritual experience on a living room couch.


Spiritual salvation + Exercise = Backpacking > Video Games

Plus, backpacking just makes you look cooler. In response to the What Did You Do Last Weekend question, what sounds better? I had a relaxing weekend playing video games. Or, I went backpacking, saw some cool shit, became one with nature and was almost eaten by bears. The choice is pretty clear.