Jan 1, 2013

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Practical Jokes to Play on City-Slicker Friends

Practical Jokes to Play on City-Slicker Friends

There are some of us out there who have never seen the stars at night, never heard the sound of silence, and whose idea of “wild” usually means a trip to the zoo.  You can’t hold it against them, really – growing up in an urban jungle you sometimes don’t know what you are missing.

Well, it’s a good thing that they have you as a friend.  You’ll can show them the ropes, you outdoorsy person, you!   But simply giving them a few pointers about “leave no trace”, while important, can be a bit boring.  To keep things interesting, you might as well mess with your friends’ mind!  You might as well take advantage of someone’s ignorance.  You just better make sure that they aren’t packin’ heat.

The Woodpecker
Pretty much everywhere on earth has some breed of the woodpecker.  If someone is an outdoors virgin, the ratatat of the woodpecker on a tree might come as a surprise.  They will inevitably ask you what that strange sound is.  Why not mess with their head a little?  Maybe tell them there’s a military firing range nearby.  Or that it’s the sound of trees cracking before falling, and to always keep your eye upward.

Medicinal Herbs
This is a good way to tell if your friend is full of it or not – you can pick a random plant and make an elixir, impressing him or her with your naturalist tendencies.  Be sure that you do know whether or not the plant is harmful or not, you don’t want to do any permanent damage.  But it’s your chance to play Shaman and see if the placebo affect really works!

This one can be challenging to pull off, but if you do, the chance of spooking the bejeezus out of someone is very high.  All you have to do is leave some “traces” after your friend goes to sleep, such as large footprints or locks of hair caught in a tent pole – and hope they buy it.  If you managed to convince them previously, once they see the “evidence” they might not leave the car.

Locking the tent
All you need for this is a few small zip ties.  Wait for your “victim” to fall asleep, and zip-tie the tent zippers together.  See how long they try to get out.  Perhaps you can bargain something for yourself out of the deal.

Animal skin
Know that bear skin rug that you always had laying around and your mom said was a useless piece of crap?  Well, now you can use it to freak out your friend!  It might not take them long to figure out that it’s just you underneath that stuffed head and skin, but those few moments where they think they were about to get disemboweled will be worth it.   Another prank is to get a stuffed skunk or raccoon from a taxidermist.  Hiding that in your friend’s tent will bring about many shrieks.   Again, if you hear pleasant sounds coming from the tent instead of a frightened tone, you may want to seek out some new friends.

OAD_017The Sleeping Bag Surprise
This one is a classic but gets people nearly every time.  If your friend leaves the campsite for any amount of time, place about a handful’s worth of moisturizer in the sleeping bag.  Then later on, mention the fact how you heard some passionate noises coming from their tent while they were away – “I could’ve sworn there were two people going at it.  Strange”.  Then when they go to bed, they will notice a strange sensation and remember what you said, which will likely result in them shrieking in disgust.  If they don’t, then they might be into some weird fetish that would be good to know about, just for the sheer fact that you now know how disgustingly creepy your friend is.

This is just a short list to get your creative juices flowing.  Use whatever you can.  Try not to send your friend home crying, the goal is to get a chuckle but not make them homesick for concrete and car exhaust.  Hopefully they have a sense of humor, and if they don’t, then hopefully they are smaller than you.