Dec 11, 2012

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Reasons to NOT Rest Your Climbing Injury

Reasons to NOT Rest Your Climbing Injury

As you well know, you sender of rad, you conqueror of gnarr, sickness and injury are 99% figments of the imagination. To honor your weakness would only be to encourage it. If you skip a few sessions to tend to your tendons, what would be next? Slippery slope, friend. Stop charging for an instant and you’ll turn 50 overnight. You know that feeling of relief when you sink into an Epsom bath? That’s the feeling of your own body, laughing at you. Whatever your muscular-skeletal system is telling you, you know better. Remember, don’t coddle- conquer.


You will lose your reputation
The climbing gym is an urban jungle. Once the alpha male (you, surely) displays signs of weakness, he is devoured on the spot. Those fellow pumpers at the gym have taken notice of you before. They’ve observed, they’ve envied. When they notice a chink in your armor, the way you grimace and bitch, shaking your arm a little too vigorously, stretching manically on the mats, their ears perk up. They see that pain creep into your body, they see you push through, and they wait. And when you’re conspicuously absent for your evening session? They’re on to you, friend. No longer the pain warrior you were- you’re getting old and they know it. I promise you, you take night to lick your wounds and when you return, you’ll be a stranger and there in the spotlight will be the new Alpha, younger than you, probably climbing through some rippin’ injury of his own. Hot.

Your mom is calling again
Imagine for one moment that you did take that evening off.  Maybe you use that time to call your mom and catch up; it’s been a while. Chances are she’s really happy you called. She misses you. She worries about you a lot, up so high on those cliffs all the time, she sees those pictures on The Facebook. But be ware! It’s like giving a mouse a cookie- once you call her on a weeknight, she’ll expect you to call again. And again. These emotional terrain traps, the more you give, the more they want. Your mom is used to her phone not ringing with you not calling, why shake things up? Best leave those worms in the can.

There is literally nothing else worth doing
You’re a climber. You’re on the level, and not much else is on the level with you. Your world has shrunk to big walls and plastic holds and nothing else is worth your time or energy. There are no restaurants worth checking out, no checkbook worth balancing, no dinner worth cooking, no movies worth watching, no concerts worth seeing, no closet worth cleaning. So imagine you’re resting for a whole evening, between work and bed you’ve probably got six hours without a problem to send. And that’s a long time. What will you do? Probably sit on the couch and blink. You might freeze that way.

You will lose 100% of your strength and your entire season will be ruined.