Dec 20, 2012

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Top 6 Kiteboarding Spots Around the World

Top 6 Kiteboarding Spots Around the World

So you prefer warm weather sports, you’re an adrenaline junkie and you’ve got tons of cash. Ok, so most likely, you won’t be kiteboarding anytime soon but if you could, you would.

Kiteboarding is a relatively new sport that is becoming more and more mainstream all around the world. There’s a high learning curve it’s expensive, mostly because of where you need to go do it. A combination of the right types of waves and a steady wind are essential for the good kiteboarding. Here are 7 of the best spots around the world.

Nabq, Egypt
Across the Gulf of Nabq lies a beach that is considered to be one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. ‘Kiteboarding like an Egyptian’ is rapidly gaining popularity on the Sinai Peninsula and the location of Nabq makes it the perfect place for expert and beginner kiteboarders alike. The winds of this desert beach town are steady and the location between a nice resort and a popular backing spot make for a great crowd!

Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Another great location where the waves and winds create a perfect environment for kiteboarders is on the Carribean Coast of Venezuela. Isla Margarita has long time been a popular place for beach enthusiasts because of it’s crystal, blue waters and gorgeous stretch of beaches. To go along with the unreal scenery are consistent Carribean winds all year round.

Cumbuco, Brazil
Just 15 miles east of the popular vacation city of Fortaleza, Brazil lives another mecca for kiteboarders. The area is known for wild nightlife so if you can manage to avoid the wicked hangovers from the sugary local drinks, hitting the beach will definitely pay off. The combination of flatwater lagoons and oceans waves make for a diverse range of excellent kiteboarding conditions.

Maui, Hawaii
What is considered to be the birthplace of modern kiteboarding, Maui is another one of the greatest spots to strap on a board, grab a kite and get surfing. The first competition of the sport took place on the gorgeous beaches of this Pacific islands owned by the United States and it continues to be a popular location for the sport. Kanaha beach is considered to be the best spot on the island, but it’s slowly becoming crowded with more spots.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic
The laid back vibes of life in the Domican Republic make it a great place to hang out and learn to kiteboard. The Carribean winds are very consistent, strong and the combination of smooth waves create an ideal location for this sport. The summer months are usually the best for good wind and in June every year a kiteboarding competition is held for professionals from all over the world.

La Ventana, Baja Mexico
Situated in a sea that is a UNESCO world heritage site for its biodiversity and amazing scenery, La Ventana beach of the California Baja in Mexico is a fabulous place to go kiteboarding. La Ventana translates to ‘the window’ in English and the area is well known for solid winds blowing across the beautiful gulf and creating the perfect place for kiteboarders. This spot on the southern tip of the Baja should be on everybody’s kiteboarding list!