Who Am I

Grownasswoman’s trail ramblings have now grown into a grownassblog. 

Welcome to my site! I’m a hiker trash backpacker and a Washington State Native. I live a bizarre life, with a wild imagination and an incredible affinity for making
I have a full time career, I am on a Mountain Rescue Team and I volunteer
maintaining hot springs in the Cascades. 

I fucking love backpacking.
It’s the cheapest antidepressant on earth, and it wont make you gain weight and lose your sex drive.

Fuck yeah.

I have hiked 1,000’s of miles around the Pacific Northwest encountering cats, countless bear and interesting people.   

I share my ​my ridiculous, occasionally, disastrous stories in hopes to inspire others to get outside, or at least feel better about themselves. If you aren’t a hiker, then maybe these stories are just a safe way for you to escape reality for awhile, (if you don’t like to read I find whiskey does the same thing for less time invested.)

Regardless of whatever brought you here, welcome to my odd corner of the internet. 

​A. Monda

A.K.A GrownAssWoman